When it comes to creating a better future for one’s self financially, or maybe just wanting to earn a good part-time income, more and more people have been turning towards the internet over the years. And yes, the internet is a place where you can literally find scores of ideas on how to make money on-line. Plus some of those ideas, with time and effort, do work—but you have to be persistence with them….Then in time, you can actually earn yourself a very good income, even on a part-time basis….Plus in some cases, those part-time on-line incomes have produced more money for some people than their full-time jobs have. In other cases there have been people who have reached six-figures a year on-line….It just depends on how much time and effort you are actually willing to put into your chosen venture to make it happen.

Robert Kiyosaki

Now just to let you know, there are internet marketers out there who actually do make six-figures a year on-line, and more. But those are people who also put their blood, sweat and tears, so to speak, into building their internet businesses from the ground up. Meaning they did not do it virtually overnight, as some so-called internet gurus would have you believe….And then once their business has been built in one area, or niche, and then virtually running on autopilot when they are finished—a small tweak or adjustment may be needed occasionally—then they move on to the next phase or niche. And then the next.

Also, from my own personal experience, I’ve heard those virtually overnight claims myself, and have read many of them. (Even tried a few of them)….I hate to burst your bubble people, but it’s highly doubtful that it’s going to happen. Not without putting the work, dedication and persistence into it—full-time or part-time does not matter….Meaning you still have to work at it regardless.

So if someone tells you, or you read someone’s sales page that basically says that if you buy their product for such and such price, and then it tells you to do certain things that you have no idea what the hell they’re talking about…then you will be making hundreds of dollars a day, or maybe even thousands each and every week, and all within just a matter of a few days or weeks tops—you can pretty much count on it being a totally bunch of crap….

Now can success actually happen by using those tools, and/or by following their information—in some cases, yes it can. Do you have to put some serious work into what you are doing—most definitely YES YOU DO.

The reason I know all of this is because I have spent the last 7 years, off and on, looking for various way to make money on-line myself….Most things I have tried didn’t work. And the few that did, I didn’t make more than a few dollars here and there from them—mainly because I didn’t have what people were looking for.

Network Marketing

Here recently, one type of on-line marketing system I have discovered that has a good chance of succeeding is network marketing….Yes. I have researched this….But you also need a good list of people to promote to in many cases, and that type of list takes time to nurture, build and grow.

Now just to clarify, for those that don’t know this, network marketing is a form of on-line marketing involving a group of like-minded individuals who agreed to come together and work as one—a monthly matrix fee system in some cases may also be involved—for the purpose of helping each other, and all who join, to succeed on-line. And usually, though not in all cases, through the same system; MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) as it is usually referred to. Plus this form of network marketing does require a commitment from each individual who agrees to enter into the group….At the same time all members of the group will have access to the same marketing tools as well, depending on the group, and what is offered with each system and/or membership level.

In some cases these tools or systems are free to sign up on, though most do have an upgrade fee to get a better version of the tool or system. While other tools or systems involve a minimum monthly or yearly cost.

When it comes to the tools and/or systems that operate under a matrix system that charges a monthly fee, the size of the matrix and the type of marketing tools available can also vary from system to system, as well as how many levels deep the matrix may go. And, depending on the system itself, from my own personal experience with a few of them—unless the system has other ways of making money built into it—-the only way you can actually make money is by getting others to sign up under you until your matrix is full, before you can actually get paid (Then another matrix is started)….And then you teach your sign ups how to do the same thing you did. Plus this can also cause members of the system to work even harder to get prospects to sign up.

Requirements of a Networking Group

1. The willingness to learn

2. An agreed plan of action

3. The definite desire to succeed

4. A commitment of at least a few hours per day, 4 to 5 days a week. (In other words, work a little each day towards your goal of making money on-line.)

5. The agreement to communicate with and to support the group

6. You agree to a monthly or yearly membership fee—unless stated otherwise during the sign up process—to the system that is providing the services and/or tools you will be using to help build your business with, and/or to help support your group to succeed with and to make money with.

And just to let you know, most of the above requirements—sometimes others as well—have been adopted by thousands of people over the years and decades that have gone into business as a networking group. And some of those people, after adhering strictly to them, have gone on to build immense corporations and billion dollar fortunes over the years….But it didn’t happen overnight—contrary to what some guru’s would have you believe.

MLM Upline

So always remember. The person who is leading and/or forming the team that you are agreeing to sign on with, this individual is already a member of the system or group that is going to provide you with the services and marketing tools that you will be using to succeed with on-line. In many cases this team leader knows how to make a very good income on-line, up to and potentially including six-figures a year….Meaning they can help with many problems you may have while you are setting up and building your off-line/on-line business. And if they don’t know the answer to a problem you may be having, I can virtually guarantee you that they have access to those who do know the answer—some of which are also making a very good on-line income with the same system—if not more.

Tools you will have access to in our systems

  • Email Auto Responder – $19 Monthly Minimum/Currently the first month is free. Training videos included.
  • Click Tracker – This is built into the autoresponder and tracks the clicks potential customers do on your links.
  • 100’s of Pre-Made Capture Pages –This is a separate system I use that is free to sign up for. Plus you earn money from each person who signs up under you through a matrix system. ($10 Membership upgrade is also currently available.)
  • Affiliate System with both the email and capture page tools.
  • Training Videos
  • Ticket and Email Support System

    You also get the support and training help from the sponsor you signed up under, including everyone on their team, and the other professionals they have access to as well. Plus each system has a support ticket system.

    Pure and simple, you’re never alone in your venture—with the right network of people. And believe me, there are networks out there that unless you’re bringing people to the table—your network doesn’t want to hear from you….Doesn’t make sense, but it does happen.

    Just remember. The above tools and support, when used properly—you can also throw some good imagination into the mix—can teach you how to build an on-line business from the ground up. Or help you to take an existing business to new heights. And a very good to six-figures a year income is more than possible, if you’re persistent and willing to take the time and work for it.

    Also, once you have signed up, then the sky’s the limit on what you can earn. And a potential six-figures a year is nothing to sneeze at.Network Marketing

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