For many people, an occasional way to bring in some extra money is by having a yard sale. Not only can a yard sale be a lot of fun to setup and run, they can also give you some practice and insight into dealing with potential customers and making sales, especially if you are looking to eventually sell physical products through a home centered business outlet….But always remember, having a yard sale—or any type of business—does not mean you are going to make a specific amount of money. Though setting up and running one the right way might help you to increase your sales from it….But still, turning a yard sale into a money maker can be easy to do.

Yard Sale
Tips For Setting up a Proper Yard Sale:


1. Make sure any and all merchandise items you intend to sell out of your house are as clean as possible.

2. Anything that requires electricity or batteries in order for it to work, insure that all of these items have been tested, and are working properly before your sale starts.

3. If a particular item is not working properly, do your best to fix the problem, before trying to sell the item.

4. Display your items in a professional and orderly fashion on any tables or shelving that you can obtain. Due to size, there are some merchandise items that can only be placed on the ground or against a wall.

5. Ensure that all items have price tags on them.

ToysTable Lampdrinking glasses


1. All items must be washed and dried first.

2. When possible, place all clothing items on hangers, then arrange all of the items by size on clothing racks. Keep pants, blouses, t-shirts, business suits, coats, etc., all in their own separate sections. And make sure to separate men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing into their individual category’s.

3. If no clothing racks are available, make sure to fold and sort clothing items neatly on individual tables according to item types. (Do your best to keep clothing items off the ground).

4. Make sure every item of clothing has a price tag on it, which also includes size information, etc.

Blouses Clothing


1. Make sure you have at least one roll of coins for each denomination.

  • Pennies

  • Nickels

  • Dimes

  • Quarters

    2. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of each bill denomination.

  • Ones

  • Fives

  • Tens

  • Twenties

    3. A cash-box to keep your money in , and a calculator to add up your individual sales with. And they can be used many times. Click these pictures for more information.

    Finally; last but not least. Before you can even have a yard sale, depending on the location where you plan to have it at, you will need to get a Yard Sale Permit. So it is best to check with your local courthouse or tax office to educate yourself on the ordinances concerning yard sales for the area that you reside in.

    Once you have your permit, if required for your planned location, and then you follow all of the listed guidelines above to set up and operate your yard sale by, you will hopefully have a more profitable yard sale than if you just throw one together.

    A Few Last Details:

    1. If you are wanting to have a multi-family yard sale, make sure to mark each item being sold with the name of the person who is selling the item. Also keep a log book, or some type of written record, as to who has sold which items and the price they were sold for….This will help to divide up the money between those who had items in the yard sale at the end of the day.

    2. You can also put together a series of yard sales that involves multiple neighborhood households lined up next to each other. And in the case of a permit being required, use the address for one house only to cover the permit. This way, if you are only allowed to have a limited number of yard sales per year, listing a different address for each neighborhood yard sale will help to increase the number of yard sales you can have….Just don’t go overboard with the number of houses you involve in your yard sale project—3 to 4 at most.

    Now that you have everything planned out, with the necessary permit, and all is set up and ready to go—it’s time to make some money and meet your potential customers.

    Now go have yourself some fun with your yard sale.

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