Got a question for the reader. Do you define success as having a lot of money? Or do you define success as being able to live your life the way you want to live it, on your own terms?….Either way, both are good things to strive for….But the undeniable fact is that not everyone can be financially successful, regardless of what many choose to believe—and there is nothing wrong with this.

Now I do firmly believe that most people want to be in on the financially better side. However, we always seem to run into people that remain in the same place in their life. They never try to strive for a better life, regardless of how much they complain about their situation. Plus these people sometimes blame others for their lack of a good life, a good job or financial advancement—it’s always the fault of someone else, rather than their own. Or they end up doing just the opposite of what they say they are going to do.

One the flip side though, there are people who are looking and trying to better their life in any way that they can. These individuals are obviously wanting to be on the winning side. They are people who are willing to work hard to achieve what they want in life. They put together a vision for their life, and then they set goals to achieve that vision. They learn from their mistakes, and from the mistakes of others. They also listen to those who have attained what they are wanting to achieve.

Now then, being successful can mean many things. Though my personal definition of being successful is accomplishing what you set out to do.

Too me, success does not mean to look better than the people around you. I believe that it comes from within, and how you perceive yourself and your life. Success is something that you do not have to show on a daily basis. Success is how you live your life.

Here are three tips on being successful

Create a Vision For Yourself:

Having a vision is the first and most critical step of any successful plan. Create a vision of what you intend to do. Write down how you want to see yourself 1 year from now. Think about how your life will look….Having a vision will help you focus on what you want to achieve.

Take up Good Habits and Break the Unproductive Ones:

Always read and learn about the world around you. When an opportunity presents itself, make sure to think it through first, rather than being impulsive to jump right in like some have done. Eat well and exercise. After all, everything you do starts from within. Be in good health and don’t take your good health for granted. Add fitness to your life. Learn to handle distractions, as there will plenty of them to address. And don’t use those distractions as an excuse to fail.

Enjoy the Chase:

Enjoy your road to success. Also, the path may be filled with adversity. And make sure to keep your sense of humor, as you may experience very tough challenges along the way. Plus be responsible, meaning try and control your time by being as effective as possible.

Just remember that success is not free, as it does take sacrifice. The price you pay is your time, your effort, and sometimes a few dollars may be spent. Success is hard but rewarding (even during the chase for success). To be successful you have to work hard, educate yourself, and maybe have a little luck on your side in the process sometimes.