When starting a blog or website for the first time, doing in-depth research into your chosen niche market, or any other niche market for that matter, will be a key factor toward your online success. Further more, the online resources that are out there for you to access will give you a great deal of insight into those potential markets, once you figure out how to access and utilize them to your advantage. Plus the fact that many of those resources are free, all you have to do is learn how to find them. And remember, without doing this research, your blog or website could be doomed to fail before you even get started. Meaning you could end up building a website that regardless of how much work you put into it, your readers and/or customers will end up moving on to something else, simply because you are giving them information that they have no use for.

Pure and simple, if you want to succeed online, your job is to give them what they are looking for. And to keep them coming back for more.

As someone who was once a newbie myself (to a certain degree I still am), and like with many other newbie’s out there, I wanted to create a website that would bring in a decent to good amount of financial income each month. A website that I could build up into an online business that would eventually help me to achieve a financially better lifestyle than what I have now….I must point out though. I thank God, every single day, for what I have in my life. And I hope I never forget to do so.

So I decided to build a website based around something I personally enjoyed doing. In my case, as mentioned previously in my ‘About Me’ page, it was the selling of physical merchandise that I had also tried selling out of catalogs to people occasionally. The mistake I made however, when putting that website together, was not doing any niche research into the popularity of the items I was wanting to sell, before I started putting those items on my website…. As a result, the website did not do well at all. So I eventually turned it into this blog instead.

Regardless though, I plan on having fun with it. Plus I’m going to do it the right way this time, which every newbie should strive to do the first time out.

Therefore, any newbie’s who are reading this, please take my advice and don’t make the same mistakes I did….DO YOUR RESEARCH….

Why You Need Niche Research

To be successful with a blog or website in any niche market, the first thing that should always be top priority in any newbie’s mind, when creating content for a blog or website, is to do in-depth research into the chosen niche market. To do research into how many people are actually looking for the information you are wanting to write about and provide. And by doing this research, it will give the newbie a better idea into knowing whether or not they will be successful with their blog or website. It will give the newbie a better idea of knowing how popular their chosen niche market will actually be with the readers they are wanting to attract. Plus there are several resources on the internet that the newbie can tap into to find out the information they are looking for, if they know where to look for it and how to find it.

What this research will do is tell you how many people are actually looking for the information you are wanting to write about. It will tell you how popular your preferred niche market will actually be with the readers you are wanting to attract. It will give you a better idea into knowing whether or not your blog or website will be successful, even before you build it…. And if you discover that your chosen niche market is not popular enough to warrant the needed work for your planned blog or website, then you can either figure out a different way to monetize it, or to look for another niche market to write about entirely.

Because the fact is, one way that many newbie’s fail with their first blog or website is they base them around their own personal interests or hobbies. But the newbie may found out very quickly, after doing niche research, that just because the newbie enjoys certain types of information or merchandise does not mean that everyone else will too.

So you need to do your niche research first—before building a blog or website based around a chosen niche market.

Plus there are several different resources on the internet that the newbie can tap into to find out the information they need, if they know where to look and how to find it.

Forums Are Good For Research

One place a newbie can look when doing research for their chosen niche market is in niche forums. Simply type in the ‘keyword’ for the niche you are wanting to find out more about into your favorite search engine, followed by the word ‘forum’, then press enter.

Forum examples:

  • Newbie forum
  • Electronic forum
  • Hobby forum
  • Jewelry forum

  • Doing this will take the newbie to a browser window that will be full of forum links—page after page of them actually. Simply look through the browser pages until you find a forum that looks like it fits with the niche you are wanting to build your site around. That you are looking to find out more information about, then click on it.

    Those niche forums are a place on the internet where people can go to ask a wide range of questions about virtually any topic that they are looking for information about. Plus the questions that are being posted are being done in real time as well, which means you can refresh your browser as often as you wish to see any new questions that have been posted, as they are being asked. All you have to do is look through the questions, plus you can click on any question to see the answers that have been posted by people to that particular question.

    And remember, the information you find could be invaluable. Plus, depending on what you find, it could lead you to look in other directions that might not have crossed your mind originally. So take it and run with it if that happens, since your end-goal is to be a successful blogger or website owner. Because you never know where it might lead you.

    Also, checking out more than one niche will give you a broader idea into the information people are looking for. A broader idea of what to base your blog or website around. So don’t limit yourself to one niche market, especially if the idea or information you want to write about is not very popular.

    Some forums will also require you to register with them before you can post or answer any questions.

    Why Niche Research

    The main reason you want to do in-depth research into your chosen niche market, before setting up a blog or website around it: The niche market you have in mind may not be popular enough with potential readers to warrant doing a lot of work around it.

    Now this is not to say that there won’t be people interested in a less popular niche, but if you are looking to create a popular blog or website that will attract thousands of readers, then you will definitely want to go with what people are looking for. And you will definitely want to give them a different perspective than what they have read before. So you may want to check out your competition as well, just to see what they have written, and to maybe give potential readers some fresh content that is different.

    You are wanting to create content that is going to draw in as many readers as possible. But before you can provide that content, you have to do your research first. Before building your blog or website.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this.

    Be on the lookout for my next post. And feel free to leave any comments or questions below that you may have.