About Billy


Hello. My name is Billy Young…. Allow me to welcome you to my blog.

I would like to start out by saying thank you. Thank you for dropping by to read and check out my blog. Not only am I honored to have you here, I will also do my very best to not let you down with what I post and write about.

What you will be reading about during the course of this blog will be the steps—sometimes detailed—that I took, and will be taking as time goes on, while I work to build my online business from the ground up….These steps will be based on the information and knowledge that I have learned, and will be learning more of, from the video tutorials, the eBooks, and any other information that I have gained access to during the course of my research.

There is also going to be a lot more research along the way, in many areas. And it will take time, because not everything about building and online business is as easy or as simple as some would have you believe.

Also, during the course of this blog, I will do my very best to keep all of my posts and articles as informative, interesting, and as engaging as I possible can. And hopefully, you will enjoy reading them as much as I know I am going to enjoy writing them.

Plus I have a few goals in mind while I am doing all of this.

Three Of These Goals Are Simple

  • To have an online journal of every step that I take during the course of building this online business.
  • What I learn and write about, maybe it will help all of us out here to better succeed in all of the online ventures we plan to take.
  • To respond to or answer any comments/questions that are left in the comments area.

  • I will also be listing more of my goals, and the steps that I will be taking to achieve them, as more posts come out. And there will be a few of them….

    So if we are ready, then let the learning begin.

    Being A Newbie Is Not Easy

    When it comes to making money online, I very quickly discovered that, for me anyway, it is not nearly as easy as some out there would have you believe. And with no formal education past the 12th grade—I’m speaking of myself only on the education part—it has been extremely difficult.

    The fact is, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), article writing, blogs, retail sites and ecommerce, social media marketing, internet marketing, hyperlinks and HTML—if you’re like me, then most everything may as well be written in a foreign language.

    And the thing is, many people in my age group consider themselves to be totally computer illiterate. (My fiancée raised her hand when I read that part to her, saying, “That‘s me,” referring to herself.) We grew up without the world of technology that the younger generations have had access to for a good number of years now. In fact, many people my age did not have access to any type of high-tech toys, computers or the internet back then. Or should I say that this 59 year old sure didn’t. And some of us definitely have no idea of where to start at when it comes to wanting to bring in some extra money via the outlets on the internet—other than an online auction site—or any other outlet for that matter.

    And I won’t deny that, like a number of people, I’ve had some failures in the past when it comes to trying to bring in extra money on a regular basis—but it did not stop me from trying:

  • Flea market dealer
  • Craft mall dealer
  • Mail order involving all of the same merchandise from the former two ideas (This idea didn’t pan out much at all)

  • And regardless of how much I worked at the three ventures—I did make a few dollars in each of them—they were mostly failures. (By failures I mean that I was not making enough money out of them to keep them going; wrong types of merchandise and a bad economy at the time.)…. One day though, when things get a little better, I may decide to work at the first two again.

    At any rate, for the time being anyway—I decided that I needed to move on. To try my hand at something else.

    My Original Online Idea

    When I first decided to try my hand at making some extra money online, the first thought that came to mind was eBay. After all, I had heard about other people doing pretty good with it, plus I had read some articles and books about it, so I started doing some research into it. Problem was though, even after looking over the auction site, and then setting up a personal account, I’m thinking, “Why does this site have to be so freaking complicated.” Plus if I wanted to try and sell something through it—too expensive for me right now…. And there looked to be many items that weren’t even selling by several of the dealers.

    Finally, I gave up on the idea—for now.

    The next idea I had was to try some classified sites, but I quickly grew tired of the scammers and spammers.

    At this point I’m thinking, what’s the use?

    And then I came up with the idea to build a website…. I mean—why not?…. Since I occasionally sell merchandise out of catalogs that I have—the same merchandise that I used to sell out of the flea market and craft mall booths that I had—I figured that I might be able to make sales through a website as well…. After all, hundreds of companies and thousands of people have websites for several different reasons…so I decided, what the heck—I’d give it a try. And besides, with a website—at least in my mind anyway—I would be able to reach a broader, nationwide audience of people.

    But first I needed a website. Though I had no idea of how to build one…. So I started doing research into the possibility….

    During my research, and after entering my name and email address on a few websites, I started receiving emails from someone who would turn out to be a professional internet marketer. Those emails also included links to free video tutorials, which I quickly learned were part of a series of tutorials that would also teach me how to build my very own online business.

    At this point, I was thinking I had hit pay dirt. That I was hopefully on the right track now.

    My First Website

    Over the next few weeks I watched several of those video tutorials that I had gained access to. And I was slowly learning from them, including some eBooks that I had gained access to as well. During that time I also developed a high amount of trust for this professional marketer as well…. Whoever this man is, he is someone who apparently knows what he is doing.

    During the process of watching those tutorials, I decided to acquire a monthly hosting plan through a service called Hostgator. This hosting service was highly recommended by this same professional marketer…. Not only does Hostgator have 24/7 customer support, the plan I acquired also allows for unlimited URL’s. Plus a few times when I had a problem with something, their customer support has gone above and beyond what I personally considered to be their job to help me with something that I did not know what the hell I was doing.

    Next I needed to purchase a domain name. And since I had already registered two Doing Business As names (DBA’s) that were based on my own name, one of which I would use as a central DBA to put all of my business dealings under—I would not be the first person to ever do this—I checked with a particular domain registrar to see if my business name was available as a URL….It was.

    The registrar I went through is lifedomains.net, which is a domain name registrar that was also highly recommended by this same professional marketer….The URL I registered was www.biyoenterprises.com, plus I purchased a few extras to go with it.

    Once I had my domain name, then learned how to forward it to my server account, all I did then was to wait a few days for my new URL to show up on the hosting service I was using….

    Once my URL was working, I set up WordPress on my domain name through the Cpanel dashboard on my hosting account. (WordPress was also highly recommended—and it‘s free.)…. Next I picked out a theme, which took me a few days, then went to work building my website with widgets, plugins, pages of merchandise, and PayPal for my sales processing. I also included a website certification seal, contact page, a merchandise guarantee page, and some other free account add-ons…. It took me about six months, including trial and error, to build my retail website.

    From that point on, with the little bit I had learned how to do from watching those free tutorials concerning the building and promoting of my website, I figured everything would be fairly easy. And that the sales would start slowly coming into my PayPal account….Boy was I ever wrong!

    The one thing I can say for sure, at this point, is that easy didn’t even enter into the picture….Pure and simple, I discovered that after six months and no sales—I apparently had no real idea of what the hell I was doing….No matter what I tried, nothing worked. So I decided to take a few steps back to review everything I had done….

    Special Note: One thing I realized that I had obviously done wrong, even though the professional marketer had recommended against it—I had skipped around on those tutorials. And the only reason I had done this was because I thought that some of those tutorials did not appear to having any bearing on the particular type of website that I was trying to build. But apparently I had turned out to be wrong on this one as well….

    During the weeks that I was reviewing everything, I also gained access to an unlimited internet connection, which I originally did not have in the beginning. And after gaining this advantage, I decided it was time for me to go back to the beginning of everything I had been learning. To go back and find out everything that I had done wrong. To start out at step one of those tutorials, then slowly work my way forward with them—and with no skipping around this time….To rebuild my online business from the ground up, step-by-step.

    The result is the blog you are now reading….

    My next post is on its way. So be on the lookout for it and enjoy.

    Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions you wish in the comments section below.